NeoPixel RGB Led strips

The Adafruit Neopixel are widely used and a good source of fun (just cover your exes as they are quite bright).

The Adafruit code uses Arduino machine code that cannot be ported to the chipKit. But there is a library that works with the chipKit boards. However it was tested with the digilent Uno32 and Mega32 that run at 80 MHz. This board runs at 40 MHZ so that I had to adjust the code to get the right timing.

The NeoPixel can be connected to any pin of the HelvePic32. Pleaseo observe carefully the hints from Adafruit for connecting NeoPixels!

I modified the library in a way that the Adafruit sample code can be used if the right constructor call is inserted:

#include <ChipKitPixel.h>
ChipKitPixel strip1(30, nP[RIGHT][6], GRB);
ChipKitPixel strip2(8, nP[RIGHT][7], GRB);

Take care to connect the pin with DIN. For that reason, the NeoPixel strip is shown backwards ni the pciture above.

The current version of the library can be downloaded here.