Using the GPIO Pins of the HelvePic32

The HelvePic32 has 15 GPIO pins. On each side of the HelvePic32, there are 8 GPIO pins available.

As there are only 15 Pins, the Pin1 on both sides is the same. This pin is connected to the processor pin PROGRAM that allows to switch the HelvePic32 into bootloader mode from an attached wing or shield. But this we will address later...

The layout of the pins of the HelvePic32 is shown on the pinmap page.

To illustrate the use of the GPIO pins, we want to control the nice ringCoder breakout from SparkFun:

This board has a ring of 16 led arranged in a circle around an rotary encoder whose shaft is lighted by an RGB Led.

The encoder has a built in Switch.

The 16 Led are connected to a 74595 shift register.

Final Setup

At the end of this section, the ringCoder will be connected to the HelvePic32 as shown in the picture below. But lets go through the steps one by one ...